ELEKS Software’s CEO Alex Skrypnyk Named “Lvivian of the Year”

February 3, 2011, Lviv, Ukraine and Henderson, Nevada (USA) – ELEKS Software, a global provider of high-end software and localization services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe, today announced that Alex (Oleksiy) Skrypnyk, CEO of ELEKS Software, was selected by “Express”, one of Ukraine’s leading newspapers, as a winner of the title “Lvivian of the Year” for being one of the most prominent figures in Lviv (L’vov), the capital of Western Ukraine. 

During the last two months of 2010, journalists of “Express” conducted a study of the area to determine the most influential people living in the Lviv region from various industries and spheres.  More than 60 candidates from various Lviv public organizations, companies and authorities were considered for the prestigious honor in what are their first annual awards. 

Among those on the list were prominent businessmen, scientists, politicians, sportsmen and well known public figures who all have made considerable contributions to Lviv and the surrounding region.  Each candidate was considered from various points of view: his public activity, contribution to society and his outstanding achievements that had a significant impact on the city life and business culture, as well as his moral qualities and vision for society.

Alex Skrypnyk, who established ELEKS Software as one of the first software development companies in Lviv almost 20 years ago, has watched over the firm’s growth to see it become one of the largest software services company in Western Ukraine.

In the article published in “Express” Mr. Skrypnyk is referred to as one of those rare individuals whose ultimate life’s goals is not money itself, but rather a dream that he has carried throughout his life – to bring together brilliant software minds, mathematicians and analysts to create a think tank of some of the world’s best talents capable of solving complex problems, and thus, creating innovative software solutions for today’s demanding business climate.  Step by step, he is making his wish come true.

An example of this was a contract awarded to ELEKS late last year to develop a large-scale system capable performing statistical simulations in real time on desktop computers rather than running on large scale mainframes at night.  At core to the system is the software simulator’s ability to harness the raw number’s crunching potential of today’s most powerful GPU’s (3D graphics processor units), a processor normally reserved for performing billions of mathematical calculations to rending realistic 3D scenes in today’s popular gaming systems.

In his interview to “Express”, Mr. Skrypnyk shared some of his thoughts about IT business, his company, his native city and views on life.  “The most valuable asset of any software company is not equipment, but rather, it is the people.  Even the most up-to-date computer systems cannot replace brilliant minds.  I think the most significant task for any business to continue to grow is to build and maintain a great team of professionals”, said Mr. Skrypnyk.

Answering journalists’ questions, Mr. Skrypnyk also commented about the global economic recession and its positive effect on his business: “In many ways, I was thankful for the crisis because it forced us to change our company for the better.  Not only did we get through it, but we also grew by being more efficient.  Crisis is the basis for refinement.  It’s vitally important for a company to strive, develop and become stronger and more competitive on the global market“.

About ELEKS Software
ELEKS Software is a global custom software development company with headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine and Henderson, Nevada (USA). The company provides software services including conceptualization, architecture design, implementation, quality assurance, and localization, as well as web portal programming and design.  ELEKS Software specializes in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Engineering Design Automation, Power Distribution Analysis and Management, and e-Government markets.

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