ELKO Group Convention 2010

The regular ELKO Group Convention has been held – already the fifth in a row.

From 19 August to 22 August, the ELKO Group, one of the leading distributors of IT components and solutions in Eastern Europe, assembled together in one place, representing globally leading information technology (IT) manufacturers, developers and distributors in the resort town of Jurmala, in Latvia.

This year, during the regular Convention organized by the ELKO Group also the 15th anniversary of the ELKO Russia was celebrated.
Traditionally, once every two years the ELKO Group organizes the ELKO Convention, where members are discussing different matters related to business, sharing their experience on the development of the IT industry and drawing out a future strategy for collaboration.

But this time – this event was especially significant as it has been passed 2 years since all the parties met, and it is known to us- what these 2 years meant to global economics and IT industry accordingly. It was therefore particularly valuable to get acquainted with the participants` vision, as well as with the information on how these two years affected IT business in general, as well as to learn what the current market tendencies are and what the vision for the future of the industry is like. All these issues, as well as many other issues, were discussed during the common Convention business part as well as during more than 75 individual meetings which also took place during the event.

This year, among the participants of the Convention exclusively was the senior management of the ELKO and representatives of globally leading companies of the IT industry — collaboration partners and customers of the ELKO Group. The ELKO had provided the participants not only with the platform for carrying out successful business meetings and negotiations, but it had also provided the participants with a wide entertainment program, with the aim to have a good rest after a well-done work, as well as to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ELKO Russia.

For the entertainment part of this event (4 informal arrangements during the event) the “4 element” concept has been chosen: elements that form the foundation of everything – Water, Air, Fire and Earth. According E.Mednis “Together we – ELKO and our trusted team: customers, cooperation partners and employees – have gone through the development and the changing stages of all four elements. Therefore, during the event – let the water quench us, let the air refresh us, let the fire ignite us, and let the earth support us!”.

The ELKO Convention 2010 was organized with the support of long-term collaboration partners: ACER, AMD, ATI, CREATIVE, HITACHI, INTEL, LG, MICROSOFT, NVIDIA, SAPPHIRE, SEAGATE, SUPERMICRO, TOSHIBA, WESTERN DIGITAL. The ELKO sincerely thanks all its supporters.

Source: Elko

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