ELEKS Software Earns 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating In Microsoft Survey for Third Consecutive Year

ELEKS Software Earns 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating In Microsoft Survey for Third Consecutive Year

93% of Surveyed Customers Would Recommend ELEKS’ Services to Others

August 10, 2011 – Henderson, Nevada and Lviv, Ukraine – ELEKS Software (ELEKS.com), a global provider of advanced software development and localization services, today announced that it earned a resounding 100% customer satisfaction rating in the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT).  The survey is conducted annually and a required part of the Microsoft Partner Program re-enrollment process.  The survey confirmed that ELEKS’ customers recognize and appreciate the company’s customer-centric focus, the quality of software development / services rendered and personal relationships with the company, as well as support after services had been delivered.

ELEKS provided TNS Prognostic (TNSP), a company that specializes in customer satisfaction surveys and contracted by Microsoft, to oversee the survey.  ELEKS provided a list of 120 customers to take part in the survey and to share their experience of working with ELEKS Software over the preceding year.  Customers were allowed to share their finding anonymously as well.  TNSP then surveyed those customers, collected the data and objectively summarized their findings in a formal report that was sent to both ELEKS and Microsoft.

Additional Findings Show Strong Favorable Results

Remarkably, this was the third year in a row where ELEKS had earned a perfect score in customer satisfaction in the annual customer survey.  In addition, another noteworthy finding of the survey was that 93% of respondents would recommend ELEKS to a friend or associate, which was up consecutively over the two previous years.  This finding was in stark contrast to what many analysts say about the software services market where many customers are unsatisfied with how they are treated after only a year of service.  Additionally, 92.5% of survey participants would repurchase ELEKS’ services – up again for the two previous and consecutive years.  This reported finding was a considerable improvement over 2 years earlier.  Some respondents’ comments worth mentioning included:

“ELEKS exceeded my expectations. They were able to successfully solve any and all roadblocks that my previous developers were unable to overcome.”

“ELEKS has an excellent track record for delivering applications and their updates on the dates promised.”

The survey provided insight on what truly drove customer satisfaction and loyalty to such high levels.  Evident in the survey was a general appreciation of ELEKS’ overall professionalism and technical skills, as well as value received relative to price paid.  Customers also noted that one of ELEKS’ strong points was how their developers worked smart with a variety of software and/or operating systems, how easily software installed & configured, and how services rendered were price competitive.  The “Ease of doing business with ELEKS” portion of the survey revealed that ELEKS responds to customers’ problems or questions quickly, cared about the customers’ business and knew how to do business with its customers.

David Fuller, CEO at ELEKS, Inc. (USA), stated, “Our mission over the past several years has been to make a conscious effort in improving customer satisfaction at every level.  This is easier said than done, but the results show that our efforts are proving to have positive results – not only for us, but also more importantly, for our customers.  We value their feedback a lot as it gives us an opportunity to leverage our strengths and improve in areas that we need to focus on to ultimately better serve our customers’ ongoing business needs.”

About ELEKS Software

ELEKS Software is a global organization delivering software, localization and web services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe.  ELEKS Software specializes in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare.  Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS Software to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

For more information about ELEKS Software, please visit www.eleks.com.

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