Maverick: The Emerging Machine Society

Maverick: The Emerging Machine Society
Start: January 4, 2018
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Discussion Topics:

  • The conventional building blocks of making the emergent machine society
  • The transition to an emergent machine society based on these building blocks
  • Impact of the emergent machine society and how we need to deal with it

The battleground of artificial intelligence (AI) is in conversational platforms and the most visible result is the exponential growth in chatbots. In two years, the emergence of bots talking to each other using natural language have gone from a Maverick idea to emergent reality today. This reality raises the following questions: What happens when machines start talking to each other? How and where will machines do the talking, meet each other and hook up for lasting, mutually productive relationships?

As the number of conversational entities grow, from chatbots to virtual assistants, the principles of emergent behavior will arise. Simple entities like chatbots and mature virtual assistants will form more complex behaviors as a collective. This will produce radical novelty not foreseen by their developers. At the macro level, we propose that machines will form societies.


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