Learn about Enterprise Mobility from Exadel & Verivo

Learn about Enterprise Mobility from Exadel & Verivo

The en­ter­prise is going mo­bile more and more. The dif­fer­ence is in how quick and trouble-free the tran­si­tion can be fore your par­tic­ular business.

Verivo and Exadel have been part­nering to­gether to make seam­less en­ter­prise mo­bility happen for a va­riety of en­ter­prise cus­tomers.

Now we feel it’s time to share our ex­pe­ri­ences. We wanted to present a we­binar to­gether to help others see the ben­e­fits of en­ter­prise mo­bility along with some lessons learned along the way, but we also wanted to make the in­for­ma­tion more di­gestible.

So, we de­cided to break up the ma­te­rial into three brief 30-minute we­bi­nars.

The se­ries starts off April 1, then con­tinues on April 7 and April 14, all at 11am Pacific time. Here’s our line-up so far:

  1. Mobile Field Service Apps: More than CRM on an iPhone (4/1, 30 min­utes)
  2. Building Custom Field Service Mobile Apps that Drive Revenue (4/8, 30 min­utes)
  3. Enabling the Mobile Financial Advisor (4/15, 30 minutes)

Donna Burke, VP of Business Development, will be pre­senting for Exadel; Mark Wagner, Senior Manager Product Marketing, will be pre­senting for Verivo Software.

Join us for any or all of these prac­tical real-world-oriented ses­sions. See what you can take away from these ses­sions to en­hance your fu­ture busi­ness success.

Register now (or read more details)!

Source: Exadel

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