Enterprise Mobility, Collaboration & Social Business 2013

Enterprise Mobility, Collaboration & Social Business 2013
Start: June 11, 2013
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
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The increasing diversity of mobile devices and applications is changing the world of work sustainably. The way how people communicate, share information and work together or look, is currently subject to substantial change. Increasing mobilization of employees by allowing anytime, anywhere “online” and thus can always be reachable changed, the demands of the people in their mobility – and therefore the requirements of professional life.

IT departments are faced with the complex task to meet these requirements in an appropriate manner.  The claim here is to its employees on the one side to allow for the high mobility and the associated increase in productivity.  On the other hand, they may thereby lose the protection of IT security and compliance requirements of the eyes – and must always respond to the new developments in this field.  This starts with the provision of mobile infrastructure for staff and goes through mobile applications and collaboration solutions to securely manage this changing IT infrastructure.

Key Topics

  • Agile governance: enhancing the management experience
  • Collaboration enabled business transformation;
  • Getting the best value of integration of communication and business processes
  • Outlining the business case for enterprise mobility and determining the right service model
  • Using Corporate Social Media for Agile Adoption Success


Source: IDC CEMA

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