Enterra’s app Mobi DB comes to the desktop

Enterra’s app Mobi DB comes to the desktop

Enterra’s extra functional database designer app is now available for desktop and mobile Windows users.

Top-rated Mobi DB Database Designer application of Enterra is now listed in Windows Store. It is available for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8 users. Previously, only Android smartphones and tablets owners could use the app.

Mobi DB is a perfect choice for almost unlimited types of lists and data sets, from recipes and simple collections to complicated projects’ and clients’ databases.

To make a custom database creation as easy as a pie, we have added handy visual editor and ready-to-use forms. The application includes a lot of options: 21 editable templates, changeable styles, data import and export, and sync with the cloud.

Android users may find a whole Mobi DB applications family in Play Market. Except the light and the pro versions of the database designer itself, one may use any of the six specialized apps that demonstrate the extremely agile functionality of the solution. These are apps for recipes storage, creation and editing of construction quotes, realty, invoice and project management and inventory database.

Source: Enterra Inc
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