Estonian company Cybernetica develops secure data computation technology for U.S. Government

Estonian company Cybernetica develops secure data computation technology for U.S. Government

Cybernetica, a research and development company based on Estonian capital, secured a  research contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA is an R&D project management agency that was founded by the United States Department of Defense with the mission to maintain the technological superiority of the United States military. DARPA sponsors revolutionary high-payoff research, bridging the gap between fundamental discoveries and their military use.

Under this arrangement, Cybernetica further develops its secure data processing technology for the U.S. Government. In addition to Cybernetica, several participants from the international defense industry and global leading universities are involved in the project.

“Our system protects the confidentiality of the collected data from the processing institution. The solution has a wide range of implementation possibilities in the private sector – in auctioning systems, commodity exchanges, health services.

It is useful whenever different parties have an interest in combining and aggregating shared sensitive data but wish to keep the individual records secret,” commented Cybernetica’s researcher Dan Bogdanov.

The system developed by Cybernetica allows organizations to create and analyze combined databases. Users can input their data and the system guarantees that no one other than the person providing the input has access to the data values. However, the data can be used for data analysis and aggregation tasks.

“This will open up a broad range of new opportunities and application possibilities. Due to confidentiality issues, different companies have not been able to process each others data, even if it served a common good. This kind of sharing requires a company to give data access to other companies and, hence, an easy opportunity to abuse the data and the results. Our technology provides an innovative solution for applications where sensitive data is involved,” explained Bogdanov.

Cybernetica is the first Estonian company to secure a research contract with the agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. Cybernetica’s management sees co-operation as the key to its success. “Advancing from basic research to applications demands a sustained effort and a conscious contribution of significant resources.

In developing our technology we have been co-operating successfully with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu , the Center of Excellence in Computer Science and the Software Technology and Applications Competence Center,” commented Peeter Laud, the research director of Cybernetica.

Cybernetica is an R&D company based on Estonian capital. With more than a hundred employees, its primary mission is to develop knowledge-based and globally competitive IT products and services in the fields of information security, information and visual navigation systems and radio communication systems.

Source: Cybernetica

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