Euristiq Opens Office in Poland

Euristiq opens office in Poland

The war in Ukraine has had a massive impact on businesses, presenting a challenge for the country and its economy. Euristiq, a software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine, strives to deliver the highest quality service and create a safe environment for its employees and customers. With that in mind, we decided to add a new location to their office map.

Opening a new office in Poland is a logical risk management step the team has taken to ensure they keep delivering high-quality software solutions to their clients. The company’s office in Warsaw will be mainly used by their employees who have temporarily moved to Poland and will help Euristiq expand to new markets.

“We are growing and want to create more opportunities for our customers to reach us. Hence, the office in Europe was a natural step of our evolution.” – Ivan Muts, CEO of Euristiq

Euristiq provides turnkey software solutions for clients from a wide range of countries and industries. The team’s expertise includes IoT development, cloud transformation, legacy modernization, end-to-end development, and technology consulting.

They help businesses by offering software solutions that save time, drive more income, and improve operational efficiency. The cooperation with a customer starts with a discovery stage and lasts even after the product release. Contact Euristiq about your software development idea to transform it into a solution that brings results to your business.

Source: Euristiq

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