Europe Embarks On the Outsourcing Spree

According tо the recent report by Gartner, world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, IT outsourcing is strongly gaining momentum in Western Europe, the second largest market after the US. The survey results show, that more than half, exactly 53%, of organizations in Europe plan to increase outsourcing initiatives in 2010, and 40% anticipate to surge spending on external IT services. The online survey was conducted among 206 organizations in Europe during in the first quarter of 2010.

At the same time, the analyst firm does not see it all in bright colors and warns service providers of potential constraints. With IT budgets still tight, European organizations expect their vendors to deliver tangible cost reductions. The market opportunities are large, but the customer expectations are also high. European organizations are looking for outsourcers to provide more than “my mess for less”, says the report.

Outsourcing upside creates excellent opportunities for nearshore service providers. Nearshoring has a row of advantages, such as time and cultural proximity, cutting travel costs, etc. In such situation, established Central and Eastern European vendors, which bring about the whole bunch of nearshoring advantages, come as a natural choice for many Western European clients.

Source: EPAM

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