European Trends in ITO for 2011 (Part II)

As promised in the previous post, here comes the continuation on the development tendencies of the European ITO market in 2011. Judging from the perspective of ITO services providers, the following trends and changes are anticipated:

It is expected that an increased demand to adopt outsourced IT services will come from the SME segment. This will force service providers to anticipate smaller and, thus, less profitable deals. To ensure more significant profits in the long term, IT providers will have to improve their adding-value service offering, cloud capabilities and modify current engagement models to help SMEs grow their business and, as a result, to benefit from their clients’ growth.

Secondly, innovative outsourcing engagement models are anticipated to hit the mainstream. Outsourcing entire product or application development processes, the companies will demand from their potential partners transparent cost structures, no hidden agenda, options to easily scale up or down in compliance with the current business situation, etc., which makes service providers diversify/innovate their engagement offerings.

And the third trend reveals itself in the breakdown of the client-silo approach. As businesses aim to learn more best practices by sharing knowledge with their peers across different industries, IT providers will be challenged to transform their client-silo mindsets and encourage collaboration between clients from various industry domains.

All in all, 2011 promises a prosperous but at the same time challenging year for European ITO with focus on agility, processes optimization, transparency of transactions and payments, innovation, and cloud. But we’re looking with optimism into the new 2011!

Source: EPAM Systems

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