Everest Survey – Offshore Locations: Buyers’ Perceptions and Plans

Everest Survey – Offshore Locations: Buyers’ Perceptions and Plans

Levi9 participated in the leading outsourcing industry survey “Offshore Locations: Plans and Predictions – 2011″, conducted by Everest earlier this year.

The survey team polled over 400 various companies from buyers, service providers, ivestment agencies, consultnices and other industry participants. The survey was conducted to analyse current footrpint, expansion plans and location preferences and cover 3 following sections:

Current offshore scale and expansion plans

Current location footprint and expansion plans

Perceptions of key offshore locations

Among the key survey findings there are:

India continues to be the most prefered destination amongst buyers

Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe are also gaining prominence to the unique opportunities offered in region clusters

buyers continue to be optimistic about the future of the global-services delivery. Over 72 percent of polled stated plans to grow offshore scale

Key Implications

Buyers are optimiztic about the future of the global sourcing market and have aggressive growth pkans for the next two years. Service providers will need to identify, and make selective investments in capabilities and facilities, in order to match up buyers expectations.

Locations beyond India, The Philippines, and China are gaining buyers attention and interest; Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America are gaining popularity for their specific location advantages and service providers need to evaluate and explore expanding their footprint into these locations

The global services industry has become mainstream and a large number of locations are competing for their share in the pie. It’s important for aspiring countries to find their niche that aligns with the country unique capbilities and articulate value proposition

The issue of survey findings coincided with a ceremony of European Outsourcing Excellence Awards during which various locations and providers were recognized in their specific categories. In the category “Outsourcing Destination of The Year 2011″ representative from CEE region Ukraine proved the current market trends by clinching the award. Country’s IT sector saw a double-digit growth over the last 5 years finally reaching 1 billion value last year.

This confirms the growing role of locations beyond boutique destinations such as India, The Philippines and China.

Source: Mirasoft

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