Exclusive Interview with the Owner of the 100,000th Unit on Wialon Hosting

Exclusive Interview with the Owner of the 100,000th Unit on Wialon Hosting

This summer Gurtam celebrates a new milestone reaching the 100,000th tracking unit on Wialon Hosting. The majority of those units are GPS trackers set on vehicles, but also there are personal and mobile trackers.

All our partners enthusiastically followed the increasing number of the recorded objects. As soon as the number started getting closer to 100 000, an active registration of new units began as everyone wanted to register the anniversary one. As a result, in 15 minutes from 4.40 to 4.55 p.m. more than 100 new units were registered in Wialon Hosting, which is 5 times more then the normal rate!

That is the reason why our partners were so interested in who got to be the lucky owner of 100 000th unit on Wialon Hosting. We are glad to inform all of you that the winner is our partner — Iranian company Intelligent Communication Pioneers (ICP).

We talked to the ICP representative Mohammad Mohebbi to know more about our winner and the 100 000th registered unit.

— Hello Mohammad, could you tell us some details about the 100 000th unit on Wialon Hosting?

— Sure, it is a Isuzu car that is used for trucking and belongs to the Rasti Lari company.

— What sphere does the Rasti Lari company work and how many tracking units they use there?

— Rasti Lari is the representative of Orion. The company is a seller and distributor of the chewing gum, chocolate and biscuit. They have 13 vehicles in their fleet in Tehran.

— What vehicles do they use and how many routes do they have?

— Most of their vehicles are Isuzu and they have 8 routes in Tehran.

— How long have you been working with Rasti Lari?

— We work together for about two years and we equipped all their vehicles in Tehran.

— What do you think your client contributed from using fleet tracking?

— Well, I think they increased the efficiency of the fleet and we are about to install 3 more vehicles soon, which is the best proof of the company being satisfied with its decision of using fleet tracking.

— What are your plans for the nearest future?

— We enjoy working with Wialon and already have about 20 customers. Very soon we will work with the company with 250 vehicles and are planning to equip them with Wialon system.

— Thanks for answering our questions and congratulations on registering 100 000thobject!

— Thank you!

We wish the Intelligent Communication Pioneers best of luck with new clients and successful development!

Gurtam is now excited to wait our new milestone – 200 000 units in Wialon Data center.

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