Experts advocate IT outsourcing

Companies that opt to outsource their IT operations will see a number of benefits from the move, it has been claimed.

Writing for Forbes, Michael Heric and Bhanu Singh observed managed services can do more than just cut costs.

The pair noted firms that have managed to successfully create and sustain value over the last few years have utilised outsourcing to gain numerous benefits.

As well as the financial rewards of capability-sourcing, the duo suggested the method can allow businesses to tap into global talent and can build partnerships that reduce risk and increase value.

IT outsourcing can enable an enterprise to seize new local market opportunities and boost innovation, as well as enabling them to get new products to market ahead of competitors, the writers explained.

A recent study carried out by research firm Vanson Bourne indicated nearly two-thirds of IT infrastructure is expected to be outsourced by the end of the decade.

Source: ihotdesk

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