The Factor of Compliance in BPO

There are several levels of compliance in the BPO unit. There are those that deal with the call center services, there are the ones that deal with the other employees and also the one that revolves around their comfort levels with the policies of the call center. At different levels, the new recruit has to be compatible. It’s difficult to work with someone who doesn’t fit into the scheme of things, no wonder how skilled the person may be. At one point, your patience with the incompatible employee will snap. But it may be that the damage is done by then. An employee that does not fit into the scheme of things is more likely to cause damage to the BPO service unit in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at the ways how compliance is important for better work.

Let’s begin the discussion with the compatibility with the call center services. Various call centers have their own methods of doing business. They have their innovated use of technology, reporting structure and performance parameters. There may not be any vast differences between them, but some aspects are bound to be different. The new BPO agents that you hire must be comfortable with the practices of your organization. You have to make it clear to the new recruits about the processes and parameters that you follow. It could be that they are not aware of certain things. But as a recruiting manager, you have to ensure that they have this desire to pick things up and adapt. If they don’t have the right attitude about learning new things, they are not going to be assets for your call center.

Telemarketing agents have to work in teams. They are part of a team of equals and have a supervisor who takes charge of the team. In other words, they have to be a team player. A call center agent has to perform individually, no doubts on that. But at the same time, he/she has to contribute towards the team. They have to take on extra work for their peers if the deadline is near and they are not meeting the telemarketing services targets on a regular basis. In the same vein, they have to stand in and support their BPO colleagues when the going gets rough. An agent who doesn’t want to adhere to the team and be cooperative is a bad hire. Such agents do not contribute to the BPO service process. Rather, they have a de-motivating effect on the others.

Finally, the call center agent has to be comfortable with the rules and guidelines of your organization. No BPO unit would want agents that are not serious about their job or the project on hand. Rules of the call centers are framed with certain specific goals in mind. Primary among them is to lead a disciplined team of telemarketing agents to the pinnacle of success. The rules are not impediments to the full realization of a talent’s potential. It only hones the skills of the employees towards a definite goal.

We have a stringent hiring policy in our BPO units. We do not like to accommodate any call center employee that doesn’t go with our organization’s needs and brand image.

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