Fadata Opens Competence Center INSIS in Russia

“Fadata Ltd.” has signed a direct distribution agreement with the Russian company “CPM Ltd.” A provision is made in the contract for right of “CPM Ltd.” to distribute in the Russian Federation territory the software of Fadata company  

The successful activity of Fadata and “CPM Ltd.”, has made possible to open the  INSIS Competence center, based on the Russian partner, with the following goals:

  • Raising of efficiency for application of  INSIS technologies in order to solve the business tasks, facing the Distributor, connected with the insurance company activities
  • Providing a set of services, addressed to cost saving and cushioning of risks at implementation, and operation of INSIS information solution.
  • Informing in due time the Distributor about INSIS new solutions for the insurance company business

The employees of “CPM Ltd.” Company has gathered profound practical experience to solve successfully tasks for the automation of insurance companies’ activities. The personnel of highly qualified experts of “CPM Ltd.”, is able to perform the designing, implementation and maintenance of information solution on the INSIS base in a quality and efficient manner.

The Center undertakes the performance of following functions  :

  • To assist for system choice at purchasing,  and proposals examination;
  • To create skilled practice for system presentation to customers
  • To translate the existing, and draw  new documents that are necessary for the fulfillment of Center aims
  • To provide for the partners and prospective customers advice about the  INSIS products
  • To participate in work-shop , when tenders shall be held
  • To participate in marketing activities on insurance and IT  (conferences, seminars, etc)
  • To assist the insurance companies to write down the technical requirements for the system;
  • To service the insurance company at system operation (first service line)

The Competence center shall be supposed to unify the resources  of “Fadata”and “CPM Ltd.” and to provide for  the Distributor new possibilities that allow to save time and resources to a greater extent  when developing a solution and optimizing it .

The main advantages of this Center are:

- The Center has significant resources to solve the   complex Distributor’s tasks

- The Center saves time and funds for the development of operating solution for an insurance company and its optimization

- The Center shall be a single entry point for different problems, arising at the life  cycle stages of INSIS business platform

Source: Fadata

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