Faster than market: Asteros business has grown by 36%

Asteros announces the results of the fiscal year 2010 (ended March 31, 2011). The systems integrator’s consolidated revenue has grown by 36% compared to the last fiscal year and has reached $368 Bn.

Asteros once again exceeded the growth rate of the Russian IT services market. By the end of 2010 fiscal year Asteros business increased by 36% and reached revenue of $368 Bn. The Group’s current headcount exceeds 1400 employees.

The fastest-growing Asteros’ lines of business are:

  • IT outsourcing +77%
  • Security systems +52%
  • Business applications implementation and IT consulting +42%
  • Engineering and IT infrastructure +30%

The share of IT services in Asteros’ revenue structure rose to 48%. Hardware and software segments account for 40% and 12% of Asteros’ consolidated revenue respectively.

Selecting a strategy for growth, Asteros continued development of new products. In 2010 a commercial data center was implemented, offering the clients outsourcing services. Besides, Oracle, SAP and 1C-based applications implementation practices were launched to increase Asteros Consulting’s expertise.

The company’s efforts, aimed at strengthening the positions in the priority industries, were successful. For example, projects in the energy industry nearly tripled the Asteros business in this sector. Asteros is also proud of its significant growth in manufacturing (91%) and transport (51%) industries. By the end of 2010 fiscal year Asteros revenue is distributed by industries as follows:

Acquisition of Pacifica – a company providing the security services for banks, by KABEST company (a member of the Asteros group) was a significant event. The deal has expanded the portfolio of KABEST’s services for the financial sector and strengthened the company’s position in this market.

“We succeeded in our ambitious goals to enter the top ten players in the Russian IT services market. In spate of the challenging market conditions we have made a significant breakthrough and, as a result, the group has become the second largest systems integrator in Russia according to IDC report”, said Mikhail Erenburg, CEO, Asteros Group.

Asteros specialists carried out the significant for the Russian IT market projects in 2010. For example, the implementation of IT infrastructure for the VTB HQf, the construction of IT infrastructure of Sochi International Airport and terminal E Sheremetyevo Airport, innovative solutions to equip the new office of PwC.

Asteros Group strong position was recognized by high partner status from international manufacturers Panduit, Symantec, Cisco, IBM and others. Also, Asteros Group was declared a winner in Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in the International Partnership Competition of IT solutions. Agreement with eXaudios Technologies was an important milestone in the development of relations with partners. Due to the agreement, Asteros exclusively offers innovative solutions for human speech audio analysis, developed specifically for contact centers.

According to 2010 FY results, Asteros holds the fourth position in the rankings of IT consulting services according to the RA Expert and Russian “Finance” magazine. Asteros is at 14th position among the largest IT companies in the ratings of the analytical center RIA Novosti and “Kommersant-Dengi” magazine. According to CNews, Asteros is included into Top 5 largest systems integrators of Russia in the area of IT infrastructure implementation. Achievements by Asteros in the deployment of innovative technologies and solutions were recognized as a major contribution to the development of the largest companies in the Russian economy: Asteros has won the National Company of the Year Award as the best IT company.

Source: Asteros
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