Firms ‘changing attitude to IT’

There has been a “sea change in attitude” among businesses in this financial crisis, as bosses see IT support as a way of cutting expenditure rather than just an added cost, according to an expert.

Gerry McLaughlin, a representative from IT Contractor, says in other economic downturns in the early 90s and early noughties IT support was seen as an extra cost which could be removed to save money.

“There seems to have been a sea change in attitude this time around with IT seen as a way of making the business more efficient and as an enabler of cost cutting rather than just a cost in itself,” he asserts.

A recent survey by Shadowfax found that once enterprises invest in IT support they tend to be loyal to the provider, as six per cent of the 210 small business bosses surveyed in Hertfordshire and Essex said they are more likely to get divorced than change their supplier.

Source: ihotdesk

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