Firms losing senior IT positions, expert claims

Senior IT positions are the ones most likely to be cut during the recession, an expert has claimed, which may interest IT outsourcing users.

Gerry McLaughlin, founder of IT Contractor, pointed out that the IT jobs market changes rapidly in light of wider economic conditions.

The expert pointed out that IT project managers are often the first to be affected by tightening financial constraints, as “if there are no projects then there is no need for project managers”.

In addition, Mr McLaughlin said that IT managers could be cut during recessionary conditions, although he pointed out that companies are often able to retain their operational efficiency by making use of IT outsourcing.

Recent research from the National Outsourcing Association found that companies are making more use of IT outsourcing during the recession as they seek to reduce their costs.

The group found that the industry grew by 12 per cent in 2008, while there was a six per cent increase in business process outsourcing.

Source: ihotdesk

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