First Accelerance ‘Preferred’ Software Outsourcing Partner in Eastern Europe is Svitla

Svitla Systems with highly educated software and QA engineers in Ukraine, all with a BS in Computer Science, many holding Masters degrees, and several PhDs affiliated with Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the “MIT” of Ukraine, has achieved Preferred membership in Accelerance’s network of highly qualified and hand-selected software development companies.

Accelerance announced today that Svitla Systems, Inc. (Svitla) in Ukraine is the first global partner in Eastern Europe to achieve the new Preferred level of membership in the Accelerance Global Partner Network of pre-qualified outsourced software development firms around the world. Preferred partners are deeply assessed and evaluated in ten key areas of excellence to ensure high standards of performance and quality of software development for their clients. Accelerance visits preferred partner’s facilities as part of the new partner assessment process.

“Clients have always been amazed at the level of talent available from Svitla,” said Steve Mezak, CEO of Accelerance. “Their ability to design and implement complex algorithms for scientific and mathematical applications is unsurpassed. Svitla is our go-to partner for sophisticated software applications that need to be implemented reliably and with high quality,” he said.

Since their start in 2003, Svitla has served a variety of long-term customers ranging from start-ups in Silicon Valley to large education institutions, such as Stanford, to public companies, such as Monster Worldwide. Svitla is nearshore to Europe and also has overlap with the workday morning of clients in North America for easy collaboration.

Svitla achieved the preferred partner level though its technical excellence in traditional technologies such as Java and Microsoft .NET and also newer technical capabilities in Ruby on Rails, Apple iPhone and other mobile development platforms.

“Svitla presently has just under 100 software engineers,” said Nataliya Anon, Founder and CEO of Svitla. “With the ability to quickly recruit top talent from universities in Ukraine, Svitla can easily provide a complete software development team for clients who need excellent engineers,” she added.

All Accelerance partners are hand-selected and undergo a qualification process that documents their strengths and seeks to uncover weaknesses that impact the quality of outsourced software application development. Only those offshore providers who possess the operations and track record to successfully deliver reliable software development to clients are selected to become an Accelerance Global Partner.

Source: PRWEB

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