First Line Launches Office In Seattle

First Line Launches Office In Seattle

First Line Software, a premier provider of software development and technology enablement services, expanded its presence in the US by adding Seattle to the list of its global locations.

For First Line Software, a fast growing global technology service provider, the Seattle office comes in addition to its other points of presence in the United States, New York and Boston. Home to giants Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia, Seattle is a key technology hub where virtually all software industry leaders have a strong presence that is growing by the day, so it was only natural for First Line to select Seattle as its West Coast base of operations.

“The launch of our Seattle office is in line with our strategy to offer customers onsite and hybrid project delivery in addition to pure play offshore development”,

said Seattle-based Roman Isakov, Director of Professional Services.

“Under this model, roles like project manager, architect, senior developer or QA lead can be placed onsite close to the customer’s in-house team. This addresses several important issues, such as establishing personal contact with the team and developing trust, time zone difference, faster turnaround times for immediate feedback on deliverables, etc. This model plays to our strength in teasing out business requirements or product ideas and quickly getting to a working system, prototype or MVP via iterative Agile delivery, which meshes very well with our current focus on wearable technology, mobile app development, and UX/UI design.”

“One of our key initiatives this year is expanding our business model to address the needs of US-based digital agencies and software service providers”,

added Isakov.

“First Line serves as their technology partner, supporting them in implementing solutions for their customers by providing qualified software engineering talent and technology thought leadership. Rather than competing with the US-based technology firms, our model is based on supporting them in providing faster, higher quality implementations at better prices across a range of technologies, from leading e-commerce platforms to Strengthening our presence in the US further supports this strategy.”

About First Line Software

First Line Software is a premier provider of custom software development and technology enablement services, with a focus on cloud computing, media, wearables, digital marketing, and enterprise content management. First Line provides recognized expert services to companies in North America, Europe and Asia, including Dell, Bonnier Group, and Tupperware.

Headquartered in Singapore, First Line has sales and project support presence in the US and the EU, and operates multiple software development centers in Russia and employs 400 globally.

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