Forrester’s Sourcing & Vendor Management Forum EMEA 2010. November 16-17, 2010. London, United Kingdom

Start: November 16, 2010
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Unprecedented changes are under way in how business identifies, sources, and manages the technologies that drive innovation, growth, and competitive advantage. IT drives increased efficiency and improved value to the business through the adoption of Lean practices. The business is taking increased ownership of IT-dependent innovation. Employees no longer wait for sourcing to procure the tools that they need to connect with others. And new vendors, changing service delivery models, and rising business risks are changing the way that vendor relationships need to be managed.

The new imperative for Sourcing and Vendor Management (SVM) professionals

Enabling business, IT, and end users to harness the value from these trends requires that SVM pros embrace and drive change within their organizations. In addition to managing sourcing events and existing vendors, SVM professionals must support the rapid innovation that is taking place within IT and the business while also reducing risk.

This includes empowering employees with self-provisioned technologies, sustaining competitive advantage by continuously improving delivery models, and creating differentiation through innovative relationships with their suppliers. SVM pros must embrace a new set of skills and commit to getting ahead of technology and market innovations to ensure that their organizations achieve business value from these changes.

This Forum will arm you with the knowledge, insight, and practices that you need to:

  • Empower the business. Learn how to empower employees and embrace self-provisioned technologies like SaaS and social media.
  • Drive innovation. Explore how to take your firm to the next level of innovation through next-generation vendor governance models like multisourcing.
  • Sustain competitive advantage. See how leading organizations continue to drive increased value from their suppliers through new service delivery models.

Come to Forrester’s Sourcing & Vendor Management Forum 2010 and learn the services, sourcing, and vendor strategies that will enable your company to use sourcing and vendor management as a strategic advantage for your company. Become an important value creator for your firm and enhance your ability to collaborate with senior executives on the emerging strategies and technologies that will ensure your firm’s continued success.

Who Should Attend?

  • Enterprise executives who must outperform at a sourcing level to ensure their firm’s success.
  • Sourcing executives who need to create sourcing strategies that drive business results.
  • CIOs and senior IT managers who need to make critical innovation-driven sourcing and vendor management decisions.
  • Procurement executives who execute sourcing strategies that must balance risk, cost, and business value.
  • IT services managers looking to optimize their spend, governance practices, and geographic footprint.
  • Vendor management professionals who are responsible for ensuring that sourcing relationships deliver the business results promised.

Why Attend?


Attendees of the Forum will learn how to use sourcing and vendor management to drive strategic advantage for their firms. They will get answers to critical questions, including:

  • How can I bring innovation and advantage to my firm by creatively sourcing emerging technologies — particularly in light of consumer-like adoption of new products and services?
  • Which are the hot vendors and service providers I need to know, and what do I need to know about them to give my firm the most value and innovation?
  • How do I make vendor governance a strategic differentiator for my company?


The Sourcing & Vendor Management Forum EMEA 2010 will continue to deliver the condensed, workshop-style track sessions that were so popular last year. These “action sessions” are longer and more interactive to help you develop the immediate tactics and steps you can implement when you leave the conference and get back to your office.


  • The quality of the Forrester keynotes: Presentations are backed by thousands of interviews with technology leaders, business executives, and vendors.
  • Exclusive audiences: Forrester Forum attendees include sourcing executives from the highest organizational levels.
  • Integration of organizational, technological, and business issues: Forrester Forums provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges ahead and how your company can overcome them.
  • One-On-One Meetings with Forrester analysts: You can speak privately with Forrester analysts about winning sourcing strategies, vendor management best practices, supplier governance approaches, and the future of IT services.

Source: Forrester

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