FORS Has Developed Solution for Sports Organizations

FORS Has Developed Solution for Sports Organizations

FORS announced SmartSport — a specialized ready-to-market brand new solution for sports organizations based on Oracle technologies. This system could be used by any sport clubs, associations or other organizations regardless to the types of their sports activities, country or language. It could be easily customized up to the specific needs and deployed in the shortest time (3 months in general).

Covering the whole circle of training and educational activities of sports organizations, SmartSport provides automation of the selective work, compilation of the competitions and training calendar plan, monitoring of the professional growth and achievements of the sportsmen, their health conditions and many other clue issues. This system enables efficient sports management, including automation of the main business processes, electronic workflow and recording of the financial and human resources.

Andrey Chudnovsky, Director of FORS Applications Development & Implementation Division, remarks: «Sports organizations, likewise any other commercial or public enterprises, need advanced IT tools to gain desired results shortly. The main benefit of SmartSport consists in its ability to integrate different information flows, regarding any sports events or their participants in one, and then to manage and control it on-line».

SmartSport system features flexible mechanism of the modules tuning — up to the required functionality, according to the specific needs of a customer. Deployed system could interact directly as with any external information resources, as with internal systems, which were implemented by a customer earlier. All information is stored safely at single digital data storage. System is developed on the basis of a thin client, Internet access is provided by a regular browser. Mobile version is available as well.

SmartSport implementation will enable sports organizations to move to a conceptually new level in decision making in professional sportsmen training.

Source: FORS
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