Closing 2016 – Fortech Highlights and Achievements

Closing 2016 – Fortech Highlights and Achievements

Fortech closes its 13th financial year with 20+ million EUR, a portfolio of 140+ clients, 3 delivery centers across Romania, which are house to more than 600 software and QA engineers and a reconfigured leadership and organizational structure.

Enlarging its mission footprint

Capitalizing on the continuously increasing clients demand, Fortech has accelerated its growth in the last 2 years, doubling its organizational capacity and gaining access to a national hub of talents. 2016 brought the organization to a new high, marked by the successful expansion of its footprint on the Eastern and Western regions of Romania.

Two operation centers were inaugurated in Iasi, which counts today over 35 software engineers and one office in Oradea, launched in the early spring of 2016. This houses today more than 25 people. Intended to grow as expertise entities, these are operating in a distributed team structure along with the teams from the headquarter or have already taken full autonomy for certain project modules.

Portfolio consolidation

Fortech turned into one-stop-shop software provider, evolving from simple code writing to a suite of services that integrates an entire ecosystem of complex software architectures and applications types, operations and delivery practices in a seamlessly distributed engagement model.

While the organization continues to deliver software services for a variety of domains, in 2016 it streamlined its focus on few business verticals – automotive and transportation, retail & eCommerce, healthcare and IoT -, where the company has built a strong track record over the years.

The new additions in the portfolio are the Nordic clients who entrusted the company with mission critical projects, completing an array of more than 20 countries where Fortech provides its services today. Also, the company developed projects for the local community such us UNTOLD, Polus Center (rebranded to VIVO) or the Cluj Business Platform.

Apart from that, the company has enhanced its offer to respond to the new business imperatives, placing focus on Cloud services as well as integrating DevOps practice and culture which favors a continuous integration and delivery of applications.

Reconfigured organizational structure

The end of the year came with a redesigned organizational structure to respond to the needs of a bigger organization, which requires the accommodation of an extensive list of requirements from both clients and employees and the adoption of new management practices.

The reconfigured company map integrates an Operations Manager (COO), a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) a Quality function and also a seed from which to build a Project Management Office (PMO) branch in the near future.

“We are 13 years-old now. And we’ve walked an intense trajectory so far. In the near future, we will focus on what we already do best, whilst preparing the company for the next phase. This means we need to transition from an already robust organization to what Nicholas Nassim Taleb would call an antifragile organization. An organization that is not only ready to resist change but that can embrace any opportunities triggered by unexpected changes.” 

– said Călin Văduva, Fortech CEO.

In 2016 the company was nominated by ANIS (the national association of the software and services industry) in top 3 Romanian software provides.

Access the Annual Company Report for more highlights.

Source: Fortech

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