Fortech Internship Session 2010: “Fortech is a unique experience” (C.M)

At the beginning of September ended the Internship Session 2010. It was already the fourth consecutive year in which Fortech offered students a program of “hands-on experience” by involving them directly in ongoing projects. This year we had 4 trainees from the Technical University of Cluj, for a period of 2 months.

Students participating in the program were very excited about this opportunity and considered that this was an exceptional period of their lives both professionally and personally. „In an ideal world, to which I wish we are going, each student should have the opportunity to participate in an internship program in order to put in practice the knowledge gained in college” (C.M), say students. Trainees appreciated that Fortech understands the need of students to gather real experience before hitting the road. They all pointed out that one of the most important thing they’ve learned in this period is the importance of teamwork and communication when trying to accomplish successful projects.

Fortech will launch soon a much larger internship program both for summer time and for final year students from the specialty faculties of Cluj-Napoca.

Source: Fortech

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