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Fremont, CA - June 02, 2010 – Softjourn announces the release of several new apps in its newly formed Softjourn Labs. Products include Orangutan – a Jabber (open, XML-based protocol for instant messaging and presence, supported by the non-profit Jabber Software Foundation) bot to ease the process of entering work time in to the project management system, Redmine.  Instead of going in to Redmine directly to add time, a user can enter time via the Jabber instant messaging system. Software for mobile phones has also been developed such as:  PrivateMe for Symbian and Windows Mobile users.  PrivateMe lets the user control who contacts them by mobile phone and when, who can interrupt them during a meeting, and who will receive a busy signal, among other features.

Members of the Softjourn team are encouraged to let their creativity shine through and increase their technical knowledge by developing software applications for real use. According to Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director for Softjourn’s Ukraine operations, “We see this (Softjourn Labs) as a place where our developers can innovate, try new technologies and create fun apps. Before all of our ideas were located in our minds or on our home computers, now we have the possibility to share our creations, not only within our company, but also with our partners. By creating Softjourn Labs we want to show that we love innovation and creativity!”

Another network tool developed by the Softjourn team is the Jabber Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication module which is used within Softjourn to ease the authentication process across various local services such as: forums, project management tools, instant messaging services, etc. Unlike most LDAP authentication solutions, this module integrates into Jabberd14 server using its module API (JSM) versus having a separate process for authentication. This tool, and other software apps developed by Softjourn, are available at Softjourn Labs! 

About Softjourn, Inc.

Softjourn has been providing software engineering and business process outsourcing services from Ukraine since 2001. Small and medium sized enterprises, as well as Fortune 1000 companies, have partnered with Softjourn resulting in advances in the services and products they are able to provide to their clients. With Softjourn, clients achieve increased revenue streams faster than they could alone.  For more information, visit

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