Futurist Labs Recognized as Leader in App Development

Futurist Labs Recognized as Leader in App Development

Finding a developer for an application can be a nightmare. In most cases, it will take too long to produce, cost too much, not accomplish the desired task, or be otherwise insufficient. But what if there was a time portal that could cut down on turnover time? And what if costs could be magically sliced to a reasonable level? Could all of this be done without sacrificing quality?

Well, at Futurist Labs, we achieve just that by strategically aligning our business to maximize value for clients. Ours is the rational approach. We did not want to pass on the costs of New York City rent to our clients, so we headquartered in Bulgaria. As an added bonus, our Bulgarian operating location often gives us an advantage in delivery time, allowing us to get projects to our clients before their business day even begins. What’s more, Mark Rogers, Futurist Labs CEO and an American, stocked his company with top talent to ensure market-beating quality.

Our game plan makes sense to us, and we’ve produced a lot of great applications, but it was additionally exciting to gain recognition from Clutch. The B2B ratings and review agency gives an objective vantage point with which to evaluate companies across various sectors. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch compiles rigorous quantitative data, customer testimony acquired by Clutch analysts, and carefully-selected case studies to make business interactions more transparent and efficient.

In addition, Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, declared Futurist Labs one of the top app development companies in Bulgaria! Because the rankings are partially based on client reviews, we would like to thank our clients for our top spot. Our relationship with our work partners brings about fantastic applications; it is also a pleasure for us. We can only highlight a few of our client comments, but so many of our clients left candid and celebratory dialogue. The owner of an internet solutions company offered a common perspective on the Futurist Labs standard of work:

They’re very flexible and quick. For example, I’m working in another place during the day, so I have limited time to test. I did testing on a Sunday, and I had to write an email to them because I couldn’t access one of the elements. I immediately received feedback and a new password from them. They don’t just develop, but strive to learn and progress, get better all the time. It’s not a static job because they do more and take time to learn.”

Tyler Mullins, President of MarchingOrder, was impressed by the speed and quality Futurist Labs offers that other developers cannot offer.

“I was impressed by the quick turnaround, their deep knowledge of the technology, and the reasonable cost. They also implemented thoughtful design decisions for both the user-facing features and the system architecture. I highly recommend them to anyone I encounter who needs app development services.”

For some time now, Futurist Labs has been venturing to new areas, discovering innovative ways of developing applications. Our diverse range of clients, from every corner of the globe and every size, big and small, gives us an all-encompassing set of skills and experience. Now, with additional reviews and rankings from Clutch and The Manifest, we can only improve our understanding of our client’s needs even more!

Source: Futurist Labs


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