FX Bridge Selects DataArt as a Project Technology Partner

August 3, 2010 –NEW YORK - DataArt, a high-end software development company with headquarters in New York and R&D centers in Eastern Europe, today announced it has been selected by FX Bridge Technologies Corporation as a project technology partner in migrating its unique trader utilities for its new platform release.

FX Bridge Technologies Corporation is a leading global provider of innovative software solutions to companies which participate in the foreign exchange marketplace. Its flagship product ProTrader Plus™ offers real-time spot, CFD, and options trading in the same account, which provides the dealer, broker, and trader the most comprehensive tools suite available today for the richest trading experience.

DataArt was approached to convert many of the value-add utilities from Visual Basic 6 to .NET 3.5. “Choosing a technology partner is unnerving, especially in the financial technology field where mistakes can mean millions of dollars,” said James Friedman, COO of FX Bridge. “DataArt received our business because they took the time to truly understand what we needed, and provided great support and planning even before we signed the contract.”

The conversion from VB 6 to .NET was not a mere code replacement but included significant design and framework ramifications. DataArt worked closely with FX Bridge to implement the improved framework whereby the UI style, internationalization and business logic elements were separated, which resulted in optimized performance and increased supportability for future enhancements and releases.

“It’s always gratifying to be selected to work with leaders in the industry,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “We have a deep appreciation of the discipline, commitment to quality and innovation required to build a world class platform for the foreign exchange that is ProTrader Plus™.”

To add to the challenge, the platform reads, stores and manipulates massive amounts of transactional data representing millions of dollars. In handling complex financial derivatives, these tools required rigorous quality assurance procedures to meet exacting financial engineering standards.

“The quality of DataArt’s work meant fewer loop-backs to fix bugs or reengineer features. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together,” said Friedman.

About DataArt:

DataArt (www.dataart.com) is a high-end software outsourcing company with industry-specific expertise in financial technology, online travel, telecom and media sectors. The company specializes in enterprise application development, system integration and business automation tools.

In 2006-2009, DataArt has been named one of the world’s top emerging outsourcing providers by BusinessWeek, Global Services 100 and IAOP. Headquartered in New York City, DataArt runs four R&D centers in Russia and the Ukraine, and maintains offices in London, UK.

Source: DataArt

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