Gartner Award for Comarch ALTUM

Just one month after its world premiere Comarch ALTUM has picked up its second prestige award. The leading edge management system for small and medium enterprises was the winner in the ‘Best Solution Provider Product / Solution’ category at the IT ChannelVision Europe conference in Rome earlier this month.

The system appeared in the ‘European Premier Presentation’ alongside the latest Microsoft, Intel and Samsung products. Yet it was Comarch ALTUM that won the recognition of the jury. And it was Comarch ALTUM that won the recognition of the majority of managers from the more than two-hundred IT companies attending from throughout the world. The system was rewarded for its innovativeness and orientation to processes. What impressed most though, were the opportunities it offers to distributors who want to add Comarch ALTUM to their product offers. Adam Beldzik, ERP International Subsector Director, who is responsible for Comarch ALTUM’s production, said:

- The system was designed so that partners could both adapt it to the needs of individual customers and create dedicated sector solutions with interfaces, document circulation logic and reporting functions that are right for the business involved. It’s also important that adapting the system on any of these levels can be achieved from the graphical interface and so doesn’t take up the valuable time of developers.

Comarch ALTUM is an innovative, process oriented system for small and medium trade and service companies. The system is a cutting-edge solution with special emphasis on work in foreign markets. Comarch ALTUM is particularly strong in its integrated workflow and business intelligence elements. These allow you to design the most complex reports and document flow systems. Comarch ALTUM’s rich functionality has everything a company needs to achieve success.

Source: Comarch

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