Gartner Outsourcing Summit – Featuring the Brasscom Global IT Forum.8 – 9 June 2010.Sao Paulo, Brazil

Start: June 8, 2010
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In today’s dramatically altered business environment, containing and/or reducing costs are urgent priorities. Organizations are under increased pressure to outsource more and do it more quickly. But solely pursuing a cost-focused approach can invite danger. Are you unknowingly sacrificing performance and sustainable business outcomes? What will happen when the economy stabilizes and the focus shifts to enhancement and innovation? Will the deal you sign today have the strategic business value you need down the road? Gartner Outsourcing explores the practical steps you must take today to secure the success of your outsourcing initiatives tomorrow. The theme for this year’s conference: Practical Outsourcing: Balancing Cost Optimization with Performance Improvement.

At the core of the Summit are proven strategies that can improve your sourcing decisions and actions – immediately. Our team of analysts will help you adapt to the economy’s new circumstances with fresh thinking and trusted insights. Your biggest takeaway: the know-how to structure outsourcing deals that get you through today’s challenges as well as those in the future.

Get the knowledge to quickly move your Global sourcing IT Asset and Services Management initiatives in the right direction…

  • Discover what you can do right now to get more from deals you already have on the table – without compromising long-term value.
  • Prepare to reevaluate the structure of your contracts and reassess your vendor relationships.
  • Determine which providers really are strategic. And know when to make the move to new vendors with new delivery models.

What’s New At This Event

  • IT Services and Providers – Optimizing your Options, Minimizing Your Risks
  • Best Practices for IT Asset and Service Management
  • Sourcing Strategies for Challenging Times: Taking Outsourcing to the Next Level
  • Gartner Scenario: Telecomm Outsourcing
  • Successful Management of multiple providers
  • Contracting for Flexibility – Can Utility and Traditional Sourcing Options Coexist?
  • Preparing your organization – and yourself – for change
  • Secrets of Success when contracting Software as a Service

Source: Gartner

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