Gartner reveals IT outsourcing challenges

Businesses which opt for IT outsourcing need to focus on strategy and risk management to make the most of it, a leading IT analyst has advised.

Gartner has predicted that 30 per cent of outsourcing deals could be affected by inflexibility up to 2012, but pro-active companies will be able to avoid this.

Firms can reduce the chances of problems arising on deals through proper risk management, while thoroughly planned strategies can ensure the delivery of IT from outsourcing providers can match the overall aim of the company.

At present, “many organisations struggle to develop an effective and efficient sourcing environment, which is necessary to achieve positive sourcing outcomes”, according to Frank Ridder, Gartner research director.

When managed correctly, agreements between companies and their IT providers can bring a variety of benefits to both parties.

One of the most positive aspects to IT outsourcing is the fact that it enables firms to focus on their key business strategies, knowing their IT needs are in safe hands.

Source: ihotdesk

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