Gazeta Bankowa’s Hit of the Year 2012 for Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center

Gazeta Bankowa’s Hit of the Year 2012 for Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center

Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center received the Hit of the Year for Financial Institutions 2012 award in the fifth edition of the contest organized by Gazeta Bankowa in the category “IT Solution, which Aims to Improve Performance of a Financial Institution.”

Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center is an IT solution thanks to which financial institutions will be able to create an innovative new sales and customer contact channel – Video Branch Office and Contact Center. Software Mind’s new product is the perfect supplementation of traditional customer contact and service channels, such as: a bank branch, a facility office, a contact center, e-banking, mobile banking. The solution is dedicated mainly to banks, leasing companies and insurance companies.

The main business objective of Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center is moving the ‘banking counter’ with a bank adviser to the Internet. Customers, without leaving the house, can ‘enter’ a video bank branch via a computer or mobile phone and be served the same way as in a physical branch, speaking with an adviser “face to face.” Customers save time because they don’t need to go to the bank, seeing the advisor on the screen.

Implementation of the solution will significantly reduce the operating costs of a financial institution (a video branch office, not a physical facility/branch), attracting new customer groups. It will allow for the unification of a bank branch and the customer service office in one place and for running a modern and inexpensive channel for sales and customer service. The financial institution will gain an image of an innovative financial institution through the implementation of an interactive multimedia sales and customer contact channel.

Software Mind Video Branch Office & Contact Center is designed to meet the security requirements of financial institutions. The level of security is adequate to safety standards for electronic banking, for example, the multimedia customer interface layer works using an encrypted SSL (HTTPS) connection. Additionally, the customer interface application code, made available as a plug-in, is digitally signed in the browser with a certificate, for example, “Thawte Code Signing”, which will certify by the given financial institution the credibility of the application downloaded by the customer’s browser. In order to safeguard against false connections, especially video connections, generated by the “bots”, the solution has a “Captcha” protection and requires a one-time code visible on the screen before connecting to the advisor/employee of the bank, financial institution/.

The main objective of the contest organized by Gazeta Bankowa is to promote the products, solutions and services whose mission is to improve the performance of financial institutions. Software Mind SA has already been awarded by the competition jury in recent years. In 2011, it received a Recommendation of Gazeta Bankowa for Software Mind Intranet Portal, and in 2010 – for Software Mind Risk Management.

Software Mind SA has extensive experience in implementing projects for clients in the financial industry. It provides a full portfolio of products guaranteeing professional handling of marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as processes related to organization. Our offer is dedicated to banks, insurance companies, brokers and insurance multi-agencies, leasing companies, financial consulting companies, factoring companies, payment network operators (OTC Payment Network). The key clients of Software Mind SA include: BNP Paribas Bank, Grupa Raiffeisen (Raiffeisen Bank, Raiffeisen Leasing, Raiffeisen Insurance Agency), Aviva, BZ WBK (Banco Santander), Bank DnB NORD, CoreLogic Corporation, BillBird (Moje Rachunki, Moje Doładowania), CallCredit Information Group, WARTA Insurance and Reinsurance Company.

Source: Software Mind

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