Global IT Offshore Outsourcing: 17 Billion US Dollars in 2008

According to IDC forecasts, the global IT offshore outsourcing market growth will be 7 billion US dollars in 2008 to 17 billion US dollars, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 20%.

American companies in the IT offshore outsourcing expenditures will continue to the main application, customer application development, application management and system integrators the most active.

In addition, IT services exports will be the largest country in India, the Philippines, China, as well as some Central and Eastern European countries.

Outsourcing IDC research manager David Tapper said: “The procurement of foreign enterprises from the trend of IT services has been enhanced, and not only IT services, enterprises have begun to purchase from abroad, such as application development and maintenance services.”

These areas over the past confined to the local delivery model.

Now the scope of offshoring enterprise applications and include infrastructure management, IT consulting.

IDC application outsourcing and offshore services senior analyst Barry Mason said: “As enterprises to reduce the cost of continuing the pursuit, as well as the ability to offshore suppliers confirmed.”

IDC believes that local service providers will also be looking for opportunities to develop offshore capacity.


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