Global IT Outsourcing Summit 2008. 22nd October 2008. Shanghai,China

Start: October 22, 2008
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The Global IT Outsourcing Summit, organized by Shanghai Municipal Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission and Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission, in its 5 consecutive sessions, aims to provide an ideal platform for all the software companies at home and abroad to exchange experience, and seek cooperation. The summit consists of professional forums, project meetings and exhibitions, which can inform participants of the latest industry trend, truly authoritative forecast, cutting-edge ideas, elaborate national software policies, successful case studies, and outsourcing projects of the industry.

The Summit, for 5 years, contributed significantly to the development of Shanghai’s software export and the software industry, laid a solid foundation for the local software industry to go global and was positively reported by the media. Up to now, there are 1372 certified software companies with more than 200 thousand employees. 83 of them have achieved an annual turnover of over RMB 100 million and 98 have been graded CMM/CMMI3 or plus.

The 6th annual Global IT Outsourcing Summit will be held in Shanghai on 22nd October 2008. The summit offers you an unique opportunity to set up business relationship with Chinese IT companies. The past five summits attracted increasing number of famous Chinese companies attendance. Summit 2008 will present a record high number of well qualified and highly motivated companies.


  1. To the High-End Outsourcing, Catch up New Opportunities for the development of Shanghai software outsourcing
  2. Government Strategies & support policies  to Promote IT Outsourcing Services
  3. Outsourcing Talents Engineering
  4. Strengthening the Key Competitiveness of Software outsourcing Enterprises
  5. Building the brands of IT outsourcing companies
  6. The meaning of growth enterprise market to the IT outsourcing companies
  7. Improve Global Development and Delivery Capability
  8. Challenges & opportunities brought by RMB increment

Source: Cina Sourcing

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