GlobalShore 2010. September 30, 2010. Concierge Conference Center, NYC

Start: September 30, 2010
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GlobalShore 2010 is the first and only annual conference on the dynamics of outsourcing locations meant for sourcing practioners and service providers to be able to make right decisions in choosing service delivery locations.

The conference is jointly produced by Tholons, the globalization and sourcing advisory company, and Global Services Media, the global media platform on the outsourcing industry.

This decade saw the emergence of many global locations for service delivery. The two-country model involving one client country and one offshore country (where the service provider is based) has expanded to include multiple countries. This has given way to the term ‘global delivery model’, as many service providers call it.

Interestingly, even as countries that participate in the global services business keep evolving in terms of cost and capabilities, there are newer countries coming into the fray to offer services. This makes the study of global offshore destinations a very dynamic and involved process. Buyers of services need to keep themselves updated about the shifting dynamics of global locations to be able to make right decisions. Choosing the right location for services in terms of capabilities, scope, quality, headroom for growth, and risk profile is called as rightshoring.

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