Webinar “Gradle 5 vs Maven. Battle of the Century”

Webinar “Gradle 5 vs Maven. Battle of the Century”
Start: November 6, 2018
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Build systems are products that all developers use. Therefore, it is important to choose the right product and know its advantages and disadvantages.

In October of this year, Gradle 5.0 will be released, which will contain new improvements in terms of API and performance.

At the same time, Maven is a stable, proven technology that continues to be popular for Java projects.

Therefore, we will once again try to compare the latest versions of the two assembling systems and talk separately about the new Gradle features:

1) Kotlin support (Kotlin DSL 1.0)

2) New plugin for Java development

3) Improvements with incremental build

4) Improved efficiency through the use of build cache.

Which build system is better to use for new projects? Is it easy to switch to Gradle with Maven or Ant? How easy is it to write build scripts? What are the main benefits of gradle? These and many other questions will be answered by Sergey Morenets, a developer with 18 years of experience, using Gradle for 6 years.

Want to learn more about build systems used in modern Java projects? Connect on November 6 at 19-30 to our online broadcast.

Webinar for Java developers of any level. You will receive a link to the broadcast after registration the day before the event.


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