Growing importance of collaboration could boost IT outsourcing demand

Demand for IT outsourcing in London could soar as collaboration becomes more crucial for companies, it has been suggested.

A Gartner report has identified technologies that will increase in popularity during the next ten years and asserted that hyperconnectedness and greater use of virtual environments will become a major trend during this period.

Tom Austin, vice president and Gartner fellow, claimed that the next decade will see work become less routine, more volatile and characterised by ‘swarming’ patterns.

He predicted: “In addition, simulation, visualisation and unification technologies, working across yottabytes of data per second, will demand an emphasis on new perceptual skills.”

Virtual environments are another growth area that could lead companies to use IT outsourcing in London and bandwidth demands could sour as people communicate across time zones and organisations.

Last month, Financial News reported that Citi Global Transaction Services’ global head of the client executive Jervis Smith highlighted the fact that using London IT outsourcing can allow companies to access the latest technology solutions.

Source: ihotdesk

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