GSG Associates, Inc is Using Telerik Reporting to Improve Productivity and Cut Development Time

GSG Associates, Inc., a California based company providing services for Worker’s Compensation and Disability Management, is using Telerik Reporting to improve productivity and cut development time.

For GSG Associates, Inc. expanding their business meant having the tools to visualize and analyze growing amounts of important business data. They needed a tool that would help them make better informed decisions, and was easy to use. To be able to better serve their customers and improve internal operations, they had to implement a solution that could produce reports dynamically, allow the appearance of reports to be customized for different audiences, and have the ability to export those reports directly into formats that their end-users could access.

Telerik Reporting helped GSG Associates, Inc. create a web-based interface with reports that are easy to understand by all end-users. It saved the company 75% of the development time by providing most of the functionalities they needed out-of-the-box. In addition, the reports are consistent with the same look and feel, while being easily reproducible. Telerik’s reporting solution also gives users the ability to access reports from a single location and view them in a standardized format.Recently GSG Associates, Inc. won first place in Telerik’s Reporting Contest for their versatile solution. They were chosen by a community vote for demonstrating advanced technical implementation of Telerik Reporting into their business operations.

View the video case study to learn more about how GSG Associates, Inc. is using Telerik Reporting, as well as other tools provided by Telerik to improve its operations.

Source: Telerik

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