Hackin’ Gliwice 2017

Hackin’ Gliwice 2017
Start: April 6, 2017
Address: ul. Księdza Marcina Strzody 10/6, Gliwice, Poland
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Cutting edge. Comprehensive. Creative. Convenient and simply cool. The five best reasons not to miss our events.

This is the place where you will meet the brightest minds in the IT business. We don’t believe in boring lectures – the open formula leaves a lot of space for creative discussions and interaction. Join us at our unique events to keep an eye on the latest trends.

Hackin’ Gliwice covers wide range of topics, from product development and cloud technologies to project management.

Hackin’ Gliwice is delivered at your convenience. Locally. At no cost. And fruits are included.

Expect to learn more about Building extensible micro service system and Customer profile in April!

Be prepared to talk about microservices and new ways of interacting in a digital world!

Is there an easy way to design a system with extensions that communicate in a secure, reliable and scalable way?

While we’re undergoing digital transformation, what are its implications for the customer experience and data privacy?

Answers to all these questions will be waiting for you at hackin’ Gliwice, a unique conference you should signed up for as soon as possible.



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