Handyman Is Used by 3 Out of 4 Electricians in Norway

Handyman Is Used by 3 Out of 4 Electricians in Norway

ePocket Solutions AS is a Norwegian company, the developer of Handyman, a mobile software suite that enables controlling service quality, managing mobile service staff, and enhancing company’s productivity.

Altoros helped ePocket to make a flexible solution that can be easily customized and, therefore, used across a variety of industries. Together we have managed to achieve many of the customer’s goals. One of them was to make a product with powerful functionality and a user-friendly interface. More than 20,000 active users manage their field service processes with the help of ePocket’s flagship product.

In this interview, Jarl Spandow, CEO of the ePocket Group, explains what makes this product so popular on the Norwegian market. He reveals the key principles of ePocket’s mission, explains what helps the company understand people’s wishes, shares some secrets on how to make software affordable for a great number of users. You will learn how to make a successful product and grow in the international market.

Source: Altoros

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