High-tech solutions play for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Asteros signed partnership agreement with the consortium of Russian companies DATA+ and Esri CIS in the area of geo-information technology. First, GIS systems will be implemented within reconstruction of 2018 FIFA World Cup sport facilities.

To meet Russia’s largest sport event – 2018 FIFA World Cup, principal sports facilities will be upgraded. Modernization with cutting-edge IT and engineering technologies will renovate stadiums and sport arenas to make a setting for upcoming football battles. Asteros was trusted to reconstruct one of these sports facilities – “VTB Arena”. Together with DATA+ and Esri CIS, Asteros will design and implement reliable infrastructures with the use of GIS technologies.

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) sets strict requirements for the sports facilities to host World Cup 2018. These requirements cover stadium location, inner design, playground orientation, parking and security cameras layout, people and vehicle traffic organization, and lighting. Careful planning, well-judged security measures and best-in-class technology ensure maximum comfort and lasting impression for players and fans.

Construction of this scale and complexity is impossible without GIS technologies. Esri solutions, used by Asteros and DATA+, help view the territory of a sports facility as a digital map. Business applications within mapping software analyze facility data, manage design data, help plan and make decisions of rearrangements. Design applications provide for the best choice of site location, zoning and surrounding grounds up to 30 hectare. GIS system is used for modeling (including 3D) social, engineering, transport and other infrastructures of sports facilities and their integration into landscape, people and vehicle traffic routing during matches and site surveillance.

“GIS technology is essential for meeting FIFA requirements to stadiums and infrastructure facilities, involved in international sport competitions. Our GIS-enabled business management concept allows solving this task consistently and accurately. I am sure that together with Asteros we will implement this complicated project in accordance with the highest global standards,” Alexei Ushakov, CEO DATA+.

“It is great responsibility for this country to hold World Cup 2018. Together with our partners, we are aimed at flawless implementation of our projects. We hope that millions of fans and strictest judges will greatly appreciate successful teamwork of Asteros, DATA+ and Esri CIS,” Sergei Volkov, Head of Realty and Sports Facilities Department, Asteros.

Source: Asteros
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