How social Networking Improves E-Commerce?

How social Networking Improves E-Commerce?

iTechArt Group specializes in delivering a full spectrum of e-commerce solutions based on leading industry’s top-ranked commerce platforms and open-sourced packages including Oracle ATG Commerce, Magento, Ubercart and Multifront.

Our solutions meet any online store’s needs such as product and inventory management, order fulfillment tracking, discount and promo code framework, user-friendly shopping cart, dynamic shipping and tax calculation, as well as seamless and easy to use payment processing.

Social networks connect people with shared interests and form new target groups for retail business. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on trust factor developed within their social group that shares ‘customer-made’ marketing as well as real and relevant feedbacks about products and services.

In March 2012 iTechArt has released an advanced set of accelerators that helps us provide complete e-commerce solutions with advanced marketing services such as newsletter management, coupon and special offer notifications, integration with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, business intelligence and advanced reporting. Striving to take full advantage of improved e-commerce tools and social networking we have managed to capture the essence of shopping as a social activity.

We are working together with our clients and technology partners to mix commerce and social media technologies and build tools to expand and revolutionize e-commerce to effectively reach out to more consumers and ensure fast and substantive ROI. We understand that new wave of promising opportunities has emerged by integrating e-commerce and social media. iTechArt possess all essential skills for keeping you on the crest of the wave.


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