How to Maximize Your Outsourcing Partnership

Companies have begun seeking the assistance of outsourcing companies for their company processes since the 70s. Since then it has gradually moved its way into the hearts of the companies from different industries. Come to the present day, it is possible that more than half of the total population of companies in the market today have an outsourcing partner at hand. There are quite a number of companies that can attest that engaging with an outsourcing partner can be beneficial and pleasant since they themselves are currently outsourcing, or have already outsourced, a part of their company processes.

But despite the popularity of outsourcing among companies, there are only a handful of them that actually maximizes the partnership they have with an outsourcing solutions provider. Below are a few tips on how a company can bring the maximum potential out of an outsourcing partnership.

Keep it Clear

A company must be able to maintain a clear communication line with their solutions provider. Since it is highly likely that your solutions provider will be based on a different country, being the top destinations for outsourcing are India and the Philippines, the communication between both parties may suffer. Being in a different time zone from your solutions provider may pose challenges in your desire to keep your communication lines clear, it is suggested for you and your outsourcing partner to decide on a time that is both convenient on your parts.

Outsourcing providers now have different options to connect with their clients as there is the web conference software that they can use for online meetings and video conferencing, conference call bridges, and emails among others.

Set the Bar

Outsourced projects may only run for a particular span of time but the amount of work to be completed can be overwhelming. This is why it is important that even before the start of the outsourcing project, the client must be able to provide to their partner their expectations from the project and the time frame when it should be completed.

Not being able to set the bar for the project may bring to a halt the outsourced project, which would be quite problematic for both parties involved. The client would then have to look for another partner that would be capable of doing the project, whereas the outsourcing solutions provider would need to further calibrate their capabilities. So, it is important for you to keep in mind that you must seek the assistance of an outsourcing partner that is trusted and preferred by many.

Be Hands-On

Outsourcing a particular company process does not mean that the entirety would be delegated to the hands of the outsourcing solutions provider. The client must still be able to be aware of what is happening with the project, especially in terms of hiring the people who will be attending to your project. It is suggested for them to ask for periodic updates on the recruitment process and the status of the project. Although with a preferred and trusted outsourcing partner, a reminder for such is no longer needed as they already have their own initiative to keep the client in the loop.


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