HP & Comtrade – the next level partnership that is creating great value

HP & Comtrade – the next level partnership that is creating great value

HP Autonomy management is visiting Comtrade in Ljubljana, Slovenia to strengthen the partnership and set up a roadmap for future cooperation between the two companies.

HP has been successfully cooperating with Comtrade for the past 20 years, mainly in the areas of R&D services, IT solutions and distribution. Now, the two organizations decided to take their cooperation to the next level and further evolve the successful business model.

Today’s competitive business environment is pushing companies to bring more value to the customer and at a faster pace. HP Autonomy recognized that involving its long term domain partners into early stages of the product development process my help them design better and more enhanced solutions.

HP Autonomy established a new form of strategic partnership based on the concept of open innovation that is focused on uncovering new ideas, reducing risk, increasing speed and leveraging scarce resources. With a better understanding of “what is out there”, a company is able to lower risk by combining external capabilities with internal innovation resources.

David Jones, SVP Enterprise Data Protection, HP Autonomy:

“Comtrade is not just a supplier to HP but rather a very trusted partner – we feel they are a part of the family. It is a company that shares the same values as HP, combined with the energy, expertise and creativity and we rely on them to deliver true innovation in the software technology. With such a model we are improving our time-to-market and really get the maximum value out of the partnership.”

Marko Javornik, Director International Services, Comtrade:

“We appreciate the significant trust that HP has placed in us to create a partnership where companies can jointly innovate and co-create world leading products.  Based on a high added value to the benefit of both partners, this kind of partnership can be sustainable in the long run.”

HP’s readiness to share their knowledge and experience from the outset of the partnership and Comtrade’s outstanding engineering skills were the key to mutual success for both companies – this enables them to increase their economic viability and success in today’s ever-changing business environment that’s marked by intense competition.

Source: Comtrade

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