HQSoftware Recognized as a Leading IoT Development Company

HQSoftware Recognized as a Leading IoT Development Company

Our team has placed great focus on IoT (Internet of Things) software development. During this year we have delivered a number of projects we can be proud of, took part in numerous conferences and exhibitions, conducted a range of face-to-face meetings with IoT customers. And it is always great when efforts get recognized by colleagues worldwide.

Recently HQSoftware has been identified as a leading IoT development company by Clutch – a Washington, D.C.-based research firm that focuses on identifying leading digital agencies, developers and software firms that have a proven record of client satisfactions.


Clutch has conducted feedback interviews with some of our clients. Their positive feedback was especially gratifying. When asked about their experience working with us, one of our clients stated:

“HQSoftware will go the extra mile to understand what kind of project they are involved in.” He then added: “Their work was excellent. I had these requirements that they had to meet. They did that perfectly, and the ministry of their own industrial services in Belarus approved everything. I don’t see how they could’ve done better.” That client proceeded to give a perfect five star overall rating.

Another client echoed that sentiment: “HQSoftware’s project management is very good. We’ve been working with them for a long time. This would not be the case is the quality of work and project management didn’t meet our standards. We are very satisfied with our partnership.”

Ankit Thakor, the Digital Marketing Specialist for OpenXcell Technolabs, featured us in the list of Top 10 IoT App Development Companies to Drag Your Products in Digital World 2016. The article aims to help clients looking for a custom software development company narrow down their search to the best options.

HQSoftware is described as an international custom software development company with offices in Europe and USA, that provides Internet of Things development services ranging from high-level programming for sensors and devices to web and mobile end-user apps.

We couldn’t be happier about these ratings, which show the emphasis that we put on client success and satisfaction. More to come in 2017.

Source: HQSoftware

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