The HR Manager of Bianor Services Participated in an International Conference Related to HR Activities

November 12th, 2007 – The HR Manager of Bianor Services was a lector on an international conference for developing of HR activities.

An international conference named “Measuring the efficiency of HR activities”, organized by the National Association for Management and Development of Human Resources was held on November 9th, 2007 in Sofia.

More than 350 specialists, in the sphere of human resources and personnel management from 170 organizations attended at the conference.

Along with the foreign lecturers at the event, was Assia Bocheva, HR at Bianor Services. She presented the practical experience in measuring of the efficiency of human resources and activities in the company, by the methodology of balanced system of indexes /BalanceScoreCard/ and the effect of the implemented system on human resource development in the company. It became clear from the presentation, that such a system for evaluation of human resources and interactions is applicable only in organizations, which have reached certain stage of maturity and willingness at all levels.

All participants in the conference agreed about the idea that the most important is not just the measurement itself, but the adequate use of the results form this measurement in management decision making.

Source: Bianor

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