To Hub or Not to Hub: That Is the Data Question

To Hub or Not to Hub: That Is the Data Question
Start: January 19, 2017
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For many years’ data and analytics leaders, particularly data and application architects, have assumed that data should be centralized or left distributed.

Data warehouses, data lakes, ERP systems and master data management represent differing degrees of centralization. As a result, information governance, data sharing and integration efforts have had to cope with an “all or nothing” extreme.

To connect and link current and new ideas cogently, in this webinar, we introduce the data hub strategy.

Discussion Topics:

  • Why the “centralize it all” or “leave it at the edge” approaches need to be re-examined.
  • What a data hub is and the purpose and value of a data hub strategy.
  • How to get started with your data hub strategy.


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