HUMANsoft Kft. is the Sponsor of “E-Hungary, e-Government”

HUMANsoft Kft. is one of the sponsors of „E-Hungary, e-Government – 2007” program on 15-16 November

„E-Hungary, e-government – 2007” for the acceleration of the rate of the development on 15-16 November, 2007

PROGRAM VENUE: Siofok, Azur Conference and Wellness Hotel

For the sixth time, the “E-Hungary, e-Government – 2007″ conference has traditionally become the largest dialogue between the government and the business sector – its participants include small and medium-size enterprises, the representatives of the ICT sector (info-communication sector), the local governments, the regional experts, the heads of regions, professional unions and chambers – aiming for the creation and operation of a developed informatics and knowledge-based society, for strengthening co-operation and for a common future.

Source: HUMANsoft

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