HUMANsoft as Wyse Partner!

HUMANsoft as Wyse Partner!

Since October 2010. HUMANsoft Ltd. has been presenting in the Hungarian market also as a Wyse Select Partner.

A very good relationship has been developed with the major manufacturers and distributors.

What kind of products does the portfolio of Wyse include?

Wyse also has the „normal” slim clients, as ThinOS, Linux and Windows based. In hardware configuration from the ones including only USB ports to the Slim notebooks.

However the priority of Wyse is among competitors that only Wyse has the so called Zero clients. The speciality of Zero clients is that they are devices without „operation systems”, which provides high security level. You can only connect to only one application (or for example: producer) with them, so the user doesn’t have the possibility to „unmake” the clients (or data phising). Such as for example the VMware View (known as the VMware VDI solution) or clients applicable to Citrix solutions, even cloud clients from the portfolio.

Source: HUMANsoft

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