Hungarian assistance to the reform of the Albanian e-government

It was a big step for the government in Tirana when they decided on the preparation for an e-government infrastructure establishment, which promotes the efficiency and transparency of public administration. The responsible for the related successful international project implementation is AAM Consulting Ltd.

The main objective of the project, with an approximately 650 000 EUR budget, is the establishment of an e-government infrastructure in line with EU data protection standards while improving the efficiency and transparency of public administration. The planned starting date of the project is October 2010 with a duration of 12 months. The present project covers the preparation phase of the e-government and interoperable services development.

“During this assignment the team will prepare the system design and tender documentation of the e-government framework, together with the relevant modification of the legal background. The preparation – and later – the implementation of the new electronic services will enable the electronic administration of higher education enrolment, driving licence requests and address change registration” – detailed Mr. Zoltan Gimesi, International Business Development Director of AAM Consulting Ltd.

Mr Gimesi also pointed out that international expansion is the first priority strategic goal of the company, therefore the Western Balkan region – including Albania – is of particular significance, and that it is not the first project of AAM in this country.  He drew our attention to the importance of Hungarian private companies winning more and more projects in the countries of the Carpathian Basin, bearing with significance also from the aspect of the whole Hungarian economy since it enhances its performance and improves competitiveness.

AAM established its Romanian subsidiary in 2005 in Bucharest, then in 2009 the Croatian one in Zagreb. Recently the company has also been awarded with significant projects in Croatia. “Our objective is evidently to become a kind of Hungarian multinational company with seat in Budapest but with international employees and interests. With this in mind we search for foreign assignment opportunities and concentrate the most of our resources abroad” – explains the International Business Development Director adding that he’s proud that as a Hungarian company they employ a number of foreign people in their offices abroad.


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